Thoughts on Thunder

My daugthers were coming back from a soccer game that was rained out. There was some thunder during the rain storm and Heather says “Thunder is the giants bowling.” Emily responds, “Heather! The Giants are a football team, not a bowling team!”

7 Responses to “Thoughts on Thunder”

  1. Dave Clark Says:

    what do you do if you’re walking down the street and your toe falls off?

    Call a to(e)w truck…. ha ha ha

  2. Dude Says:

    My son was watching a cartoon and when it came to the adults in the cartoon, they would only show the legs of the adults. The scene would focus on the small characters at their feet.
    My son screams “Dad …we need a bigger TV!”
    DoOdle Dude!

  3. Nick C. Casale Says:

    Great to see you again, well sort of. The pictures distort the truth a bit. Just a bit! :-) I like what your daughters had to say about Thunder.

  4. heather chibnik Says:

    LoL (that means laugh out loud) (:

  5. maggie Says:

    Hey! That is funny. i think of the angels bowling and when lightning strikes, they get a strike. Or god peeing. I LOVE thunder storms! (except when they rain out soccer games!)

  6. Jack Calzaretta Says:

    We had a fun time at camp with you guys! Enjoy your week at camp!

  7. Patrick Campbell Says:

    Knock Knock
    Who’s there
    Ach who?
    Bless you.

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