What’s a AAAA Battery

I have a Microsoft Surface that I like a lot. One of its best features is the Surface Pen which has two batteries in it. The main battery, which needs to be replaced frequently, is a AAAA battery. When they die, the pen doesnt work, so its important to have spares. They’re hard to find – the supermarket battery wall didnt have them, nor did Target or Walmart. Amazon, of course, has them, and I bought 3 dozen¬†inexpensively¬†Here.

I’ve wondered where these come from as I’d never seen them used before the Surface pen. Then, for a DIY project, I was dissasembling a 9v Everedy Alkaline battery and discovered that it contained 6 AAAA batteries in series to supply the 9v (6 * 1.5 = 9)

So, yeah. Thought I’d write about it.


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