What’s a AAAA Battery

January 15th, 2017

I have a Microsoft Surface that I like a lot. One of its best features is the Surface Pen which has two batteries in it. The main battery, which needs to be replaced frequently, is a AAAA battery. When they die, the pen doesnt work, so its important to have spares. They’re hard to find – the supermarket battery wall didnt have them, nor did Target or Walmart. Amazon, of course, has them, and I bought 3 dozen¬†inexpensively¬†Here.

I’ve wondered where these come from as I’d never seen them used before the Surface pen. Then, for a DIY project, I was dissasembling a 9v Everedy Alkaline battery and discovered that it contained 6 AAAA batteries in series to supply the 9v (6 * 1.5 = 9)

So, yeah. Thought I’d write about it.


For Father’s Day I got an Amazon gift card from my brother and thought, “Great! I’ll get one of those copters for under $50.” The Hubsan X4 H107C quad copter is fun to fly, easy to learn, and has a built in camera to record your flights.

I quickly realized I was gonna need some additional items to make it worth the time. First, here’s the copter. Its available in a bunch of colors – Make sure you get the H107C, not the H107L.

You’ll need some extra batteries – each battery lasts for about 5 minutes, so having five or more extras is not unreasonable.

This inexpensive charger handles 4 batteries at once via a USB connection. It takes about 35 minutes to charge the battery, so seven batteries should give you continuous use. (Feel free to comment on the math here.)

You’ll need plenty of extra propellers as they break, get lost, or otherwise wear out. There are three blade propellers which I haven’t tried yet – I hear they wear the batteries faster but might give some stability. They come in all sorts of colors. I prefer the clear ones. Keep in mind there are two types of Blades – A and B. Its helpful to separate the blades into two envelopes for easy changing when one goes bad.

I keep everything organized and protected in this case – my friend totes his in a supermarket bag and hasn’t had any trouble so, YMMV.

I keep this USB external Battery pack for recharging the batteries. Very handy for charging when you’re away from an outlet.

If you want to record your flights, you’ll need a MicroSD card. Each minute of video is about 100mb on the card, so an 8gb card will hold about 80 minutes of flight recordings. I got two cards – they’re pretty cheap.

So, it was more than $50, but I’m happy with the investment and having a lot of fun learning to fly it. Definitely a fun hobby for the summer. I’ll post some flight instructions, photos, and videos of my flights in future blogs.

Thoughts on Thunder

April 14th, 2008

My daugthers were coming back from a soccer game that was rained out. There was some thunder during the rain storm and Heather says “Thunder is the giants bowling.” Emily responds, “Heather! The Giants are a football team, not a bowling team!”

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